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AC Cleaning & Maintenance

AC Cleaning & Maintenance

Stay Up-To-Date With AC Cleaning & Maintenance Checks

Having your AC maintenance in Denver performed yearly will greatly increase the amount of heat that your system can remove from your home as it operates.

Here at Denver Heating and Cooling, we believe quality service and quality pricing. Whether it is installing a new air conditioning unit or keeping up with the one you have, we keep our quality pricing. Which is why we check and service air conditioning units at a flat and low service fee so there are no surprises.

If you suspect that your AC might need a clean or general maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our AC experts!

Learn how air conditioners work to help identify potential issues with your unit

  • Sometimes people ask us: “how does air conditioning work?” “Why do I need maintenance on my air conditioning system?” When you turn your air condition on the hot air from your home is pulled through your return duct and passes across your indoor evaporator coil. When that happens, the heat from the air is then transferred to the Freon. The hot Freon is then sent to the outside condensing unit where it is removed by allowing outside air to pass across the outside coil, which is then sent into the atmosphere. Cooler Freon is then sent back inside to continue the same process. When the outside condenser or your indoor coils are dirty it slows the amount of heat removed as it operates which will raise your utility bills as put excessive strain on the system. If left unmaintained, it will also diminish air quality in your home.